1.4 Vṛitti sārūpyam itaratra.

Vṛitti sārūpyam itaratra.
At other times [the Self appears to] assume the forms of the mental modifications.
Sutra 1.4 The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

When we are not abiding in our true nature (see yesterday’s message), when we are not sitting in the realization that we are the Universe experiencing itself, we identify instead with all sorts of other thought patterns.

I am a yoga teacher.
I am hungry.
I am good at my job.
I am not good at <whatever>.

The practice of yoga is to notice all of the things we wrap our identities up into and to shed those that are no longer serving us.


Begin to notice your “I am” statements. Both those that you say aloud and those you think to yourself. Language has a subconscious effect on our psyche. The exercise is to find places where we can be more precise with our language. For instance, instead of “I am hungry”, I might say “I feel hungry”. It’s subtle. And it may not seem like it makes any bit of a difference. (And for you, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe this exercise doesn’t resonate for you. No worries.) Or maybe you do notice the small difference. Maybe you can start to dis-identify with your hunger as a part of your being and separate it out as something temporary that you are simply feeling.

We can do the same with my other statements above.

My profession is that of a yoga teacher.
I feel hungry.
I have learned the skills that lead to proficiency in my job.
I have not perfected the skill of <whatever>.

As you go about your day, notice your “I am” statements. Some may be as simply as noticing your language patterns and switching them up. Others may be a bit tougher. Others may highlight places where we are placing our identity, our value, our worth. We may or may not be ready to address these ones. Don’t stress if you’re not. Simply take note that they exist.


Thank you to those that were able to join us for book club yesterday. What a lovely opportunity to connect and talk vulnerability, shame, and all things Daring Greatly.

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– Katherine