New Moon & Your Money

Facilitator: Michele Nosari, Personal & Business Money Coach

Thursday July 28, 2022 
6:30pm – 8:00pm 

A guided workshop and conversation about your current values that will lead you to set a money intention for the upcoming moon cycle. Includes custom workbook.

In modern astronomy, the New Moon is when the the Moon is directly between the Sun and Earth in a line. During a new Moon, we see the side of the Moon that is not being illuminated by the Sun, which makes the Moon blend in with the dark night sky. A New Moon starts the lunar cycle, and it is best for beginnings and planning the future. While a full moon is ideal to celebrate achievements, a new moon is the time set intentions. It is believed that as the moon grows, that your intention will grow too.

Join Money Coach, Michele Nosari, and a safe community of like minded individuals to examine your values about how you are spending your time and time and money. We will workshop intentions and what actions and mindsets you want to take with you into the new lunar cycle. As well as what to leave behind that is no longer serving you.

  • Do you want to pay down debt? It’s possible to have a plan.
  • Confirm your spending is intentional and in-line with your values? These exercises will help you gain confidence in your day to day choices.
  • Plant some saving seeds for future needs and dreams? Learn saving strategies that allow you to live your life fully today.

This workshop includes a custom workbook and a guided conversation. All are invited to share their thoughts on their history, values, mindsets and intentions surrounding their money, their time, and how choices support or detract from day to day values. The workbook exercises combined with the supportive conversation will guide you to identify realistic actions you can take immediately to move closer to your intention. By the end of this workshop you will have tools and resources to help you define your values and intentions for both your time and your money. You will also leave with specific actions you can take to manifest your intention.

Meet Your Facilitator

Hi, I’m Michele Nosari, Money Coach.

Local to Summit County Colorado for over 20 years, I am passionate about supporting working women to thrive in business and in life. I founded Financial Feedback West LLC as a vehicle to promote candid and healthy money conversations to help others make confident day to day choices. My clients are at a point where they have reached the peak of their money know-how and are ready to learn more. They want an accountability partner to talk through ideas, improve financial literacy, and make a plan with actionable steps to make tangible progress towards their goals. Together, we tackle past debt, current spending choices, and make a plan for future saving and purchases.

My clients achieve trackable Personal and Business Finance results. I have successfully coached past clients to pay off debt, save for a big purchase, improve money conversations with their partner, negotiate a raise, and launch their business.   I am a graduate of Financial Coach Academy, Co-Starters, and a Certified Financial Planner® candidate. I proudly serve as President for Women Of The Summit, a local non profit dedicated to establishing, promoting and helping our community of Summit County Colorado women.

I live in Frisco with my husband and dog.  Find me on the trails mountain biking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter.  Otherwise I am home reading, bingeing on Hulu, or running out the door to catch a yoga class. Catch up with me at the next Women of the Summit event or grab some time on my calendar.  Better yet, wanna meet up in person?  I’m down.  I am always up to grab a coffee anywhere in Summit or Denver counties. Hit me up at or text at 970-333-1861. Learn More about me and my services at