Crystal Grid for Motivation

Autumn feels like an introspective season-a time to slow down, reflect, relax with familiar creature comforts. This is wonderful and worthy of honoring, however, what about those times you really need to focus and get some work done? I was having one of those moody fall mornings where my cup of tea and warm lap blanket seemed more appealing than anything else.

That is until I received a download to create a crystal grid to enhance motivation and increase focus in order to accomplish work. I felt called to make a circular grid pattern and began by selecting the center stone, followed by the supporting stones which possess properties aligned with the intention of the grid. The beautiful thing about grids is their ability to blend and bring energies of different stones together to work toward your benefit!

Let’s explore the minerals used in this specific grid…
Vanadinite is the center stone, carrying the central theme of this circular grid. This mineral is known to aid in the accomplishment of work, to enhance stamina, increase discipline, and as a bonus it helps foster creativity. There was not a doubt in my mind this would be the center stone.

Clear quartz was used next because of its high programmability-I stated the intentions again of this grid as I laid down each of the 8 pieces. Clear quartz was also used around the center stone to magnify the energies.

Also I placed the next mineral fluorite, close to the quartz because the size of each fluorite piece was on the smaller side, so the clear quartz amplified the flourite as well.
Fluorite was selected next because of the properties of mental enhancement and clarity, and increased ability to focus. These benefits work synergistically with the center stone and play into the overall intention of accomplishing work. I felt this was the second most important mineral in this grid, so I placed 8 natural octahedral pieces in the grid.

Moving outwards in the circular pattern I placed 6 tumbled carnelian around the grid. This mineral is known for enhancing vitality and bringing an influx of action-especially when one is procrastinating! When used in meditation it can help one understand how to bring a concept into reality. It truly is a stimulating mineral, and for these reasons seemed like an excellent addition to the motivational piece of this crystal grid.

Last but certainly not least I added 4 pieces of tumbled hematite to the grid. This mineral is well known for grounding properties–it also counteracts feelings of spaciness. This combination with fluorite is sure to assist with providing the clarity of thought to follow through and put this motivation into action with a clear purpose of accomplishing productive work while staying on task.

After setting up this grid I added an optional and powerful activation step of activation using a synergy 12 wand to raise the vibrational plane surrounding this grid. A synergy 12 wand contains 12 high vibrational minerals faceted onto selenite and has many purposes in the world of crystal attunements. I circled the grid clockwise & counterclockwise a few times with the wand, intuitively sensing what felt aligned.

The final step was sitting in stillness with the grid until I felt a shift in my own energy and my intention was realized. I was energized, willing, and ready to spring into action and take on my work tasks! I thanked the minerals and left the grid set up for a couple of hours as I moved throughout the day.

Thanks for reading about this specific grid, maybe you will feel called to make one of your own =)

~ Jackie


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