Group Sessions

We are currently operating with a reduced shoulder season schedule. Our winter schedule will begin after Thanksgiving.

Pre-registration is recommended.
In order to appropriately value our facilitators’ time during slow season, if any class does not have anyone registered at least one hour in advance, it may be cancelled. Please check this site for the most up to date information.

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Class Descriptions

Acudetox: Group Ear Acupuncture

Acudetox is a 5 point ear acupuncture technique designed to support people who are moving through stress, trauma, and avoidant (sometime addictive) behaviors. Participants will each receive a treatment and then we will all relax with a guided meditation.

Yoga Nidra w/ Reiki

Yoga Nidra is a guided body awareness meditation that loosely follows the mapping of the body areas to the sensory cortex of our brain. It is designed to help us tap into that relaxed state just between asleep and awake. The practitioner will add a little reiki (energy work) for all of the participants.

Pranayama (Breathwork) Practice

Our breath is a powerful tool to connect with our physical capabilities. We will practice various techniques and discuss their influence on our bodies and our minds.

Sanskrit 101

Learn how to read and write the sanskrit alphabet and some simple words.

Explore Your Intuition w/ Tarot

Learn to recognize the archetypes of the tarot and how to map them to your own intuitive knowings.

Astrology 101

Learn how to use the positions of the stars to navigate the cycles of life. We will explore both Traditional (Vedic) and Western (Tropical) astrologies. 

Game Night

Come play board games with us! We have lots of options here, but if you have a favorite that you’d like to share, feel free to bring it along!

Open Practice Hour

Open practice hour aims to marry the individual attention of a private yoga session with the price, convenience, and energy of a group yoga session. We will open with a mini practice together. After that we will split off into our individual practices. (Your facilitator will work with you to get you started.) To close, we will come back together as a group.

Yoga Sutras Study & Discussion

Are you interested in exploring the deeper philosophies behind many of the yoga traditions? Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are considered the first written compilation. Each class we will review a different set of sutras.

Creative Journaling for Healing

Lisa Blake, local author and writer, will facilitate a workshop to hold space, do a little mindful journaling and release thoughts, feelings and energy that no longer serve us.

The premise behind Creative Journaling for Healing: Journaling helps us become aware of our thoughts and feelings. It allows us to recognize and release negative thoughts and to really feel and address where they’re coming from. When we’re impacted by stressors or traumas, we tend to hold our voices IN for protection. When we write, we can find OUTward expression for the hard emotions that we sometimes bury to protect ourselves. We can also find our own authentic truth by unpacking those hard emotions. When we do this, it strengthens us. Reengages us. And ultimately, helps us hear our voice and tap into our power.

New Moon &
Your Money

A guided workshop and conversation about your current values that will lead you to set a money intention for the upcoming moon cycle. Includes custom workbook.

Mantra Practice

We’ll explore the power of sound by chanting some of the basic syllables and phrases together. You are welcome to chant as loudly or as softly as you’d like. No musical experience or talent is required.

Dance Party

Beginning with a structured warm-up and getting less structured as we go, you’re welcome to come dance it out with us. Music selections will vary week to week, feel free to send in your requests!

Full Moon Yin Yoga

& Acudetox

In a yin yoga session, we typically hold poses for about 5 minutes in order to release tension in our connective tissues and to settle our nervous systems. At the end, everyone will receive an acudetox treatment before moving into our final rest pose and guided meditation.

Foraging 101 Hike

We will locate and identify edible plant species. Preregistration is required. Meeting point will be sent to you after registration.

Hidden Stressors

In this class, Lauren will educate us about recognizing and naming the different types of stressors (diet, financial, relationships, work, physical) and about the physiologic effects that those stressors have on our body/long term heath. She will highlight things we don’t often recognize as abusing stress; how even good stress can affect us negatively; and how all of the compounding stress in our lives affects up physiologically.

End of Life Planning

Join Lauren Jefferson, RN-BSN and certified health coach in a conversation about the importance and the logistics of end of life planning.

More to Come

We are working with our Spring facilitators to add a few more sessions to the schedule. If you are interested in offering a class, please email us at

Founding Membership Options

(Founding Memberships will no longer be available after November 27, 2022)

3 Month Unlimited

Enjoy 3 months of unlimited access to our standard group classes. Membership begins at date of first use.

Includes one 30 minute private session with Katherine (yoga, reiki, or tarot).


1 Year Unlimited

Lock in one full year of unlimited access to our standard group classes. Membership begins at date of first use.

Includes two 60 minute private sessions with Katherine (yoga, reiki, or tarot).


Lifetime Unlimited

As a thank you for your support of our Wellness Center, receive unlimited access to our standard classes for the lifetime of the business.

Includes three 90 minute private sessions with Katherine (yoga, reiki, or tarot).


Standard Membership Options

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Month to Month Unlimited

Enjoy unlimited access to our standard group classes. Membership begins at the date of first use.


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Exactly what it sounds like. 🙂



We are currently open for appointments from 10am – 8pm Tuesday through Sunday. Walk-in hours vary.

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At Be Your Own Guru Wellness Center,

we believe
there is an eternal flame that connects us all.
Whether you call it God, The Universe, Source, Love, or Larry is up to you.

We also believe that each of us has personal access to a direct line of communication with that eternal flame.

Our experience, is that when we’ve neglected that line, it can get a bit stagnant.

At Be Your Own Guru Wellness Center,
we’re here to help you clear any debris you may have accumulated in your channel.
We help you plug back into to your own divine truth.