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At be your own guru wellness center, we understand that each individual’s journey towards renewal, balance, and vitality is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of pricing and membership options to cater to the diverse needs of our clients, whether you’re a busy local seeking regular self-care or a visitor looking to enhance your vacation experience. Explore our flexible plans and find the perfect fit to help you reclaim your center and embark on your pathway to wellness.


Our a-la-carte pricing allows you to handpick the services that resonate with you the most, creating a personalized wellness experience. Ideal for both locals and visitors, this pay-as-you-go option enables you to explore our diverse range of modalities, from yoga and reiki to tarot and sound baths. Discover the perfect combination of offerings to support your unique journey towards renewal, balance, and vitality.

1:1 offerings
15 min: $60
30 min: $90
60 min: $160
90 min: $210

group sessions
drop-in: $35
punch passes:
5 – $165, 10 – $315, 20 – $560

half day and full day experiences
(pricing includes up to 4 people)
90 minutes: $315
3 hours: $420
6 hours: $770

pricing varies

temporary memberships

Designed for both locals and visitors seeking a short-term commitment to their wellness journey, our temporary memberships provide an excellent opportunity to experience our holistic offerings without the long-term commitment. Choose from our 1-week or 1-month membership options to gain access to our diverse range of services and discover the transformative impact of our personalized approach to wellness.

10% off private services

1 week unlimited: $105
Enjoy 7 days of unlimited group sessions, allowing you to explore a variety of wellness experiences during your week-long commitment.

1 week unlimited PLUS one: $250
Elevate your 7-day experience with unlimited group sessions and one 60-minute private service of your choice, for a truly personalized wellness journey.

1 month unlimited: $250
Immerse yourself in a month of transformative wellness with 30 days of unlimited group sessions, nurturing your body, mind, and spirit.

1 month unlimited PLUS two: $540
Enhance your month-long wellness experience with unlimited group sessions and two 60-minute private services of your choice, creating a comprehensive and customized pathway to renewal, balance, and vitality.

unlimited plus memberships

For those seeking a deeper, ongoing commitment to their well-being, our unlimited plus memberships offer an all-inclusive, recurring monthly option with added benefits. These memberships are perfect for locals who wish to make wellness a consistent part of their lives or for frequent visitors who want to ensure they have access to our services whenever they’re in town. Enjoy unlimited access to our offerings and additional perks designed to help you achieve lasting renewal, balance, and vitality.

10% off private services
2 guest passes/month

monthly unlimited: $210
A recurring monthly subscription providing access to unlimited group sessions, perfect for maintaining a consistent wellness practice.

monthly unlimited PLUS one: $300
Ideal for clients seeking regular group sessions with a monthly touch of personalization, this plan includes unlimited group sessions and one 60-minute private session per month, allowing you to dive deeper into your wellness journey with a tailored 1:1 experience.

monthly unlimited PLUS two: $420
Perfect for clients looking to balance consistent group practice with more focused, personalized attention, this plan offers unlimited group sessions and two 60-minute private sessions per month, providing an opportunity to explore various 1:1 offerings and accelerate their wellness journey.

monthly unlimited PLUS four: $650
Designed for clients deeply committed to their personal growth and transformation, this plan includes unlimited group sessions and four 60-minute private sessions per month, catering to those who desire more frequent, in-depth 1:1 experiences to address specific needs, deepen their practice, or explore a diverse range of modalities.

*monthly unlimited packages require a minimum 2 month commitment

locals exclusive intro offer: $100
Exclusively for Summit County locals, this introductory offer provides 14 days of unlimited group sessions and one 30-minute private session. Valid only for new clients seeking to experience our diverse wellness services in their community.

*Does not include guest passes or additional membership benefits.

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