reiki in Breckenridge


reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Our experienced practitioners will guide you through a personalized session that leaves you feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

Our private reiki sessions are the perfect way to experience the full benefits of this healing practice. During your 30, 60, or 90 minute session, our practitioners will work with you to identify and address areas of stress or discomfort. Some practitioners are entirely hands off (simply hovering hands over parts of your body) and others occasionally use a light touch.

We offer a variety of add-ons to make your reiki session even more personalized and beneficial. Our acudetox (ear acupuncture) service helps to alleviate stress and reduce cravings, while our soundbath add-on incorporates sound therapy to enhance the relaxing effects of reiki. You can also add on an additional person to your session to share in the benefits with a friend or loved one.

Everyone’s experience is unique. Some recepients of reiki have reported…

Reduced stress and anxiety
Reiki may help to promote relaxation and reduce tension, which can help to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety.

Improved sleep
Many people report feeling more relaxed and able to sleep better after a reiki session.

Increased energy and vitality
Reiki may help to balance the body’s energy and promote a greater sense of well-being and vitality.

Relief from pain and discomfort
Reiki may help to reduce pain and discomfort, both physical and emotional.

Greater clarity and focus
Reiki may help to clear mental clutter and promote a greater sense of focus and clarity.

Enhanced spiritual growth
Reiki may help individuals connect more deeply with their spiritual selves and promote personal growth and development.


30 min: $90
60 min: $160
90 min: $210

available add-ons

acudetox (ear acupuncture): $35
additional person: $60
sound bath: $60 (adds 30 minutes to your time)

group sessions

If you’re looking for a more affordable way to experience the benefits of reiki, we offer mini reiki sessions in some of our group classes. These sessions are a great way to try out reiki and see if it’s right for you.


single drop-in: $35
5 sessions: $165
10 sessions: $315
20 sessions: $560

memberships & packages available

half day & full day experiences

Looking for a more immersive reiki experience? We offer half-day and full-day retreats that incorporate reiki, yoga, meditation, and more for a holistic and rejuvenating experience.


includes up to 4 people

90 minutes: $315
3 hours: $420
6 hours: $770

ask us about larger group and multi-day retreat options

packages and memberships

Introducing our membership options – the perfect way to elevate your self-care routine! Combining group sessions with private appointments, our memberships offer the ultimate balance of community and personalized attention. Plus, with the flexibility to choose any of our services for your private sessions, you can customize your experience each month and stay motivated on your journey towards renewal and vitality. Join us today and let us support you on your path to reclaiming your center!


best for visitors Рtemporary memberships 

1 week unlimited drop-ins: $105
+one 60 minute private session: $250

1 month unlimited drop-ins: $250
+two 60 minute private sessions: $540

*additional private sessions within that week/month available at 10% off*

best value – memberships on autorenewal
3 month minimum

monthly unlimited group sessions: $210
+ one 60 minute private session per month: $300

*additional private sessions available at 10% off

locals only intro offer

2 weeks unlimited group sessions
+ one 30 minute private: $100

*must live and/or work in Summit County at least 10 months out of the year

ready to begin?

Ready to experience the healing benefits of reiki? Book your private session today and add on any of our extras to create a personalized experience just for you. Let our practitioners help you find your center and restore your sense of balance and vitality.

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