Crystal Attunements in Breckenridge, Colorado

Crystal attunements are a holistic, non-invasive, vibrational energy-based system of bringing you to a state of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and wellness. This technique involves precisely placing minerals and rocks on and around the physical body to direct, enhance, or diffuse your energies. This energetic reconfiguration may result in feelings of physical pain relief, stress reduction, and spiritual alignment. Your practitioner will work with you to adapt the session to your personal intentions and desired outcomes. 

Entrainment is a universal phenomenon that can be observed in physical (e.g., pendulum clocks) and biological systems (e.g., fire flies) when one system’s motion or signal frequency entrains the frequency of another system. The use of entrainment for therapeutic purposes was established for the first time in the early 1990s by Thaut and colleagues in several research studies, showing that the periodicity of auditory rhythmic patterns could entrain movement patterns in patients with movement disorders” (Thaut, 2015)

Whether it’s the swing of a pendulum clock or the beating of a heart, our natural tendency is to sync rhythms. The most stable vibe tends to be the one that gets synced to. This is called entrainment.

Crystal attunements rely on this principle. A rock, crystal, or mineral is significantly more stable in it’s vibe than our more mutable human emotions and perceptions. Your crystal attunement practitioner will select stones whose properties align with your specific intentions. 

Your job is simply to show up and lie flat. Yor practitioner will place the crystals on and around your body while you relax and enjoy. The crystals are left in place for a period of time to give your subtle body a chance to adjust and attune. 

We offer 30 or 60 minute sessions. A 60 minute session allows for an extended conversation between you and your practitioner as well as a longer time for the crystals to remain in place while you attune.

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