Tarot & Oracle Card Readings in Breckenridge, Colorado OLD

Tarot and Oracle cards are one of many tools we can use to communicate with our intuitive self.

We do not offer divination readings; meaning we are not here to tell you who you’re going to marry or what’s going to happen on March 2nd, 2036.

We are here to help provide a backdrop against which you can bounce your own intuitive knowings against.

Readings can be scheduled in-studio here in Breckenridge, Colorado or can be hosted virtually over video chat. The choice is yours.

Example Reading Options

A Decision Point

When you have a decision to make and your options appear muddled, we can look at the energies on either side of that decision point to help you find clarity.

Chakra Aura Read

In this session we will look at what is going on in each of your energy centers. This gives us an opportunity to make the unconscious conscious. To identify the blind spots that have been hiding in plain site, and, importantly, to identify what we want to do about them.

What Am I Missing?

In this session we look to better understand and define the size and shape of the missing puzzle piece. If your situation seems clear on the surface, and yet something feels ambiguously “off”, then this is the reading for you.

Personal and/or Business Future Planning

In a future planning session, we will use the cards to help us distill nebulous ambitions into concrete goals and actionable next steps.

You Tell Us

These readings are personal. You tell us what it is that you want to investigate and we’re here to help you do so.

How Long Should I Schedule My Reading For?

We offer 15 minute, 30 minute, and 60 minute readings. The more straightforward your question and potential options, the quicker a reading typically goes. If you’re feeling particularly muddled, or if you have a long list of questions to answer, you’ll want to schedule a longer reading.

In 15 minutes, we typically have time to look at a high level overview. In 30 minutes, we can look at a high level overview as well as dive into one specific aspect. In 60 minutes, we typically have time to dive into multiple specific aspects of a scenario.

NOW OFFERING…. 2022 Year Ahead Readings

In a 2022 Year Ahead Readings we will look at the energies that await in the coming year. In particular we will take note of the things it is important for us to focus on, as well as the things we may choose to leave behind. We will highlight potential blindspots and pitfalls as we travel into this new calendar year.

In a 15 minute reading, we typically have time to cover the overall energies on a quarterly basis.
In a 30 minute reading, we typically have time to dive further into specific scenarios (career, home life, relationships, etc) OR we can look at the overall energies on a monthly basis.
In a 60 minute reading, we typically have time to look at specific scenarios and specific monthly timeframes.

Readings can be done over video chat, or in studio here in Breckenridge, CO.