Welcome! The Yoga Building Blocks & Foundations course is designed for people who…

    • Are interested in yoga but don’t know where to begin.
    • Want to incorporate meditation into their lives but struggle to sit still.
    • Have some experience with yoga classes, but are seeking a deeper understanding of its roots and foundations.
    • Would like to acquire the skillset to customize a daily or weekly yoga practice that fits into their own lifestyle.

Our hope is to offer an affordable program that you can fit into your life as it works for you. The complete course consists of 40 modules, we will be releasing five per week, beginning on Tuesday, January 18th. The final module will be released on Saturday, March 12th. The modules average about 30 minutes each.

Feel free to follow along for 40 straight days or feel free to spread it out over 40 weeks. Whatever works for you!

Katherine, your facilitator, is committed to being available to answer your questions in the course for at least a full year following its initial release date. After that year has ended, the course material will remain available to you for the lifetime of this course platform, which we hope is a long, long time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi, I’m Katherine! And I am delighted to be your facilitator forย Yoga Building Blocks & Foundations. I formally came to yoga in 2017, but looking back, I realize now that I have been practicing it all my life.

Once upon a time I was a corporate management consultant who absolutely loved wearing her high heels, carrying her coach laptop bag, and riding the train to and from work in the city. These days you’re more likely to find me barefoot or in ski boots. I’ve loved all of the various version of myself and as self-absorbed as it may sound, getting to know myself better has always been a favorite activity of mine.

My yoga practice helps me to do that with a bit more structure. It helps me to identify and shed the various masks I’ve chosen to wear over the years. It helps me to come back to my body when my mind is running wild. And it gives me a place to come back to when I can’t seem to figure out where I’m supposed to be next.

At this point, I have over 900 hours in formal yoga training, which has spanned a wide variety of styles. As a former perfectionist and hyper go-getter, it was a bit of a surprise to me when the slower yoga styles were what seemed to stick for me personally.

In this training, I am looking forward to sharing a breadth of styles with you so that you can find what it is that sticks for you.

Course Content

The Basics

In this section, you can anticipate modules such as “Sitting Comfortably & Breathing Simply”, “Meditation 101”, “You Are What You Consume”, and “Adjusting Poses For Your Body”.


History and Philosophy

We will review the origins of yoga, how it made it’s way to the West, and many of the predominate philosophies behind it.


Modern Yoga Styles in the West

The training will include sample classes from a variety of the predominate styles of yoga that you are likely to encounter in the West, such as… vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, yoga nidra, kundalini yoga, yin yoga, & restorative yoga.


Alignment & Common Movement Patterns

You should leave this training with the ability to find your personal proper alignment in most common yoga poses as well as recognize common movement patterns that you might encounter in a studio yoga class.


The Community

Connect with like-minded folks in our course community. Each lesson has a section where you can leave comments, ask questions, and engage with each other. There is also a social feed where you may connect with text, images, or video. A place to share, to ask questions, and to find common ground. A place to connect intentionally and mindfully without all of the distractions of other social media outlets.

Final Deets

All 40 modules are bundled together in this training for $75.

If you have any outstanding questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly at byogwellness@gmail.com.

We look forward to having you in class!