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We are currently open for private appointments from 10am – 8pm Tuesday through Sunday. Walk-in hours vary. Our group session schedule can be found here.

411 S Main Street #22
Breckenridge, CO 80424

Find us in the pink and purple building on the south end of Main Street. We’re in the same complex as Nature’s Own (the store with the dinosaur out front), Luigi’s Pizza, and La Française. BYOG Wellness is upstairs next to Main Street Sports.

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to email us at

We have a phone, but truthfully, it may take us a few days to remember to check the messages there: 970-771-3759.

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At Be Your Own Guru Wellness Center,

we believe
there is an eternal flame that connects us all.
Whether you call it God, The Universe, Source, Love, or Larry is up to you.

We also believe that each of us has personal access to a direct line of communication with that eternal flame.

Our experience, is that when we’ve neglected that line, it can get a bit stagnant.

At Be Your Own Guru Wellness Center,
we’re here to help you clear any debris you may have accumulated in your channel.
We help you plug back into to your own divine truth.




Victoria Q.


My friends and I spent three hours in Katherine’s care and the entire time was just incredible. Just what we needed. The yoga got us warmed up to really take in the reiki. We then had acupuncture and finished off with readings. We thought it would be a generic group reading, but Katherine really took her time to individualize and be specific. And wow, she was spot on; her readings really brought clarity to my friends and I. She’s wonderful and created such a welcoming, safe place.

Paul M.


I just happened to wander into Katherine’s place last week while strolling Breckenridge. I did some acupuncture and breathing- I even had a few epiphanies! Katherine is knowledgeable about so many obstacles in our daily lives. She will get you started in the right direction. Every step you take will make a difference. I will be back when I return to Colorado!

Dina R.


Being around Katherine is like getting an IV of happiness. Everything she does is so full of love, warmth, humor, and compassion. Her tarot readings are empowering and hopeful, and her yoga practices feel like a celebration of your body, mind, and spirit, rather than just trying to keep up with a bunch of poses. If you’re in the area, definitely check out this uplifting, magical wellness center!

Ally L.


Was up in Breck for my friends bachelorette party. I am MOH and was planning the whole thing. Decided tarot would be a fun thing to do and reached out to Katherine. Found out she also does reiki and she completely hooked us up. Went above and beyond to make it such a fun day for us with accupunture, meditation, reiki, crystals, and tarot. All the things! A lot of the girls had never done anything like this before and loved it! Highly highly recommend for anyone looking for a spiritual retreat and high vibe Experience! Thank you again Katherine! You are the best and we will be back!

Alison L.


Katherine went above and beyond to accommodate my bachelorette party group with acudetox and reiki! She was very warm, friendly, and easy to work with. Our group had a few different requests that she fulfilled no problem! The Wellness Center had a very welcoming and calming atmosphere with refreshments available. This was my first reiki and acudetox experience and I found it to be enlightening, and was definitely a great way to bond with my bachelorette party members. I would definitely recommend Be Your Own Guru!

Angie H.


I had the pleasure of attending local poet Brittany Josie’s “Writing for Wellness” workshop at BYOG this past weekend. Not only was the workshop incredibly worthwhile, but the space that Katherine has created is special, as is she. I can’t wait to experience more goodness at BYOG!

Molly R.


I went to Katherine’s “a different kind of happy hour” and I was soooooo glad I did. The acupuncture really helped relieve some tension I’d been carrying and a TON of emotional release. It was one of the most relaxing hours and we got to breathe together but also have really wonderful conversations. It’s something I’ll continue to attend every week if possible. It really elevated my healing process.

Johanna A.


Katherine is a healing guru! I’m constantly intrigued how all encompassing her skills are and cannot wait to work with her once I physically heal from surgeries. But I need her to heal the parts of me the surgeons can’t!! She gives back to the community in so many ways: bringing offerings we don’t have, giving locals discounts, even giveaways! I highly recommend her and her many gifts!

Samantha R.


Katherine at Be Your Own Guru Wellness Center is AMAZING! She is my go-to for tarot readings and Reiki. I highly recommend all her services. She is so great that you will not only become a repeat customer but you will also become a friend.

Jeff J.


Working with Katherine was great, she took really detailed intake information and customized the session to fit my needs. I feel like if I stay with the practice and moves she gave me I will get better mobility in my legs, which was my goal. Katherine was kind, open and fun to work with!

Lauren S.


Our group of 4 women had such an incredible experience at Be Your Own Guru in Breckenridge. Katherine led us through some yoga poses and we had ear acupuncture while she performed reiki. We wrapped up with a fascinating tarot/ oracle card reading for the group and individuals. It was such a unique experience and I’m so glad Breckenridge has this new and interested offering!

Kaylee S.


I was in Breckenridge for a Bachelorette party when we walked into Katherine’s wellness center. We had a fantastic time! We each had a tarot/oracle reading and enjoyed being in Katherine’s company for the hour and a half. Highly recommend!

Savannah L.


Kat really has a gift for helping you feel engaged in every pose and making sure the right muscles are being stretched!